About us

At Rissie we are passionate about exclusive and colourful, handmade bags that make life out and about a little more stylish and fun. Simple design, form and functionality excites us and beautiful fabric patterns, colours and textures make us tick. 

We are based in the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Scotland, where we are continuously inspired by the dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary textures.

We hope our bags will make you as happy as they do us.

Our Materials

Our bags are made from locally and ethically sourced leather, sustainable cork and predominantly feature traditional South African fabric called shweshwe.  

Shweshwe is manufactured with an acid discharge process and unique printing technique on 100% cotton calico. This gives the fabric its unmistakably waxy smell and crisp texture.  The fabric has a wide array of vibrant colours and designs, and has been described as the tartan of South Africa.

All our bags are handmade in small batches to ensure true quality and exclusivity.

Our Brand Identity

Rissie means pepper or chili in Afrikaans.  It is synonymous with colour, flavour, and crispness which is equally represented in rhe vibrancy of swheshwe fabric that we use.  

Rissie lets you display who you really are.  Our bags make it easy for you to show the world your creative soul.  We create colourful and playful accessories that highlight the artist that exists in each of us, but which sometimes needs a small nudge to take centre stage. Rissie bags are the happy paintbrushes that help you be your own Frida Kahlo -  revealing your vibrant self with our classic and fantastic designs.

Our aim is to be a completely homegrown company which depends on and supports other businesses in our community as far as possible.
We make things for exciting women because we have exciting women making things. This is why femininity (and funkiness) is part of everything Rissie does.

The creative mind behind Rissie

IMG_20190706_122156_996 (1).jpg

 5 year old Emerentia honing her sewing skills

My name is Emerentia Goodlad.  I was born in South Africa and grew up there. I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, with my family a few years ago for a bit of  an adventure, which has not disappointed! We love the new life we have built, which is filled with lovely people, breathtaking landscapes, inspiring ideas and a dynamic combination of tradition and creativity.  

I grew up in a family of  supremely creative and enterprising women - even as a little girl I was creating and selling my creations to my classmates. I am a qualified  professional architect, and after working in this field for a number of years, I became inspired to branch out into a broader creative field, and establishing a creative business based on exquisite handmade fashion - a form of creativity that lets you wear your art every day. 


It is the combination of my family heritage of creating, making and selling, my love for design in general, and textiles in particular, and my formal training that spurred me on to start Rissie.

I love creating and wearing beautiful, practical items, and I know I am not alone! Rissie is what you need to express who you really are - a woman with imagination and the desire to show off her creative soul!

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