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Expanding Rissie's reach

This journey began small, very small. A moment of inspiration on a midweek evening in which my passion for sewing, my desire for more independence from the 9-5 cycle, and my husband's opportunistic mind overlapped. What followed was a few hours of flurried activity in which names were chosen, web domains purchased, and companies registered.

Thereafter we began with an Etsy store and a few local markets. As with anything new and different, it was met with mixed results.

A breakthrough came when we decided it would be good to display the products with Leith Collective. The sales didn't increase significantly, but the mindset shift was significant. Over the course of the next year we had stock in and out of a number of stores.

The next breakthrough came when Flamingosaurus Rex in Bruntsfield went out on a limb and stocked our colourful products. Mentally, this was a major victory after months of rejections.

Shortly after another milestone was reached when a third store, owned and operated by Edinburgh Printmakers, agreed to stock our products.

Edinburgh is our home, so it is only natural that we would be trying to build a presence in the city, and slowly it seems that we are achieving that.

But excitingly, recent developments have seen the bags and accessories go beyond the boundaries of the city. Upon reopening, Honest Thistle in Pitlochry will be stocking us, taking the bright colours and interesting patterns to the beautiful tourist town in Perthshire.

And finally, we are very excited to be seen in Scotland's largest city. Hell Yeah have taken the bold step of buying Rissie products in the midst of the world's most significant pandemic, and taking the brightness associated with our products to Glasgow. With a name like theirs, boldness is all we could expect.

Added to these exciting and amazing opportunities, is the unprecedented growth of our online sales. What started as a very irregular trickle has become a constant stream of orders from far and wide.

There will be more news coming as we continue to drive our love for the interesting, colourful, and unique flavour of our products forward into the world.

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