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Fashion tips from a 4 year old

It might come as a surprise to you that I am the mom of a very confident and fabulous 4 year old daughter. She is my mini-me. She looks like me and she likes doing the things I like doing.

The only, yet rather significant difference is that she is unfailingly confident.

I don’t know why I prefer being behind the scenes nowadays, because when I was a little girl I wanted to be Celine Dion. I wanted to dress in beautiful, extravagant dresses and sing and (in my mind at least) everyone would look at me and listen in awe.

My transition from shy back to confident started a few weeks ago when I got dressed one morning in my blue polka dot dress, which I hardly ever wear because it feels too dressy for the everyday. I went upstairs to go and wake my girls and the first word’s from my 4 year old’s mouth was “You are wearing a pretty dress mommy. Can I be like you today?”

I started wondering what it would take to make my daughter want to be me every day.

Maybe if I couldn't beat her at her game I would join her. I came up with these tips taken straight from my 4 year old’s wardrobe

Lesson number one: Start playing

The purpose of a 4 year old’s clothes, other than protecting them against the elements, is to provide a vessel for playing. They use the clothes they wear to become the princesses and knights they want to be. They are comfortable and not restricted by too tight waistbands or scratchy collars.

Perhaps rekindling the superhero inside ourselves starts by dressing the part. This also means that we need to stop wearing clothes that make you feel physically uncomfortable. Superwoman was never worried about whether her tights were sagging.

Lesson number two: Make it last

When I buy clothes for my kids my first thoughts are whether they will absolutely love it. I know that the clothes that are liked are the clothes that will get worn. It also means that the clothes that are liked get worn over and over again and I won’t need as much. If she loves her clothes I can spend a little bit more and buy something really nice. A higher quality garment will not only last longer but is also better for our planet because it doesn't have to be replaced after just a few wears.

Lesson number three: Confidence is key

My daughter doesn’t care if it’s world book day or not - she can wear a princess dress any day and everywhere she goes. However, even if she can’t wear her poofy dress and crown every day she doesn’t all of a sudden stop being a princess.

After a while, the power of the princess dress starts rubbing off on you and even in your slouchy sweater you can give miss world a run for her money. You see, even though confidence comes from within, it might initially need a bit of coaxing to come out.

Let’s make our 4 year old selves proud with some exciting decisions today, tomorrow and every day.

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