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Harbour Lane Collaboration

Artists, designers, and artisans are recognised for their distinctive styles or techniques that set them apart from the rest of their industry. It takes years of practice, training, and refining to define the look and feel that sets one apart.

Malcolm Gladwell popularised (and possibly over simplified) the 10000 hour rule. It takes 10000 hours of practise to become a master at a skill. In essence, it takes a lot of hard work and time to become excellent at a skill.

However, when one is so focused on only one aspect, it leaves everything else at risk of being sub par. Some believe that this is the reason it is better to be a generalist, or jack of all trades, rather than a specialist. And to be fair, many have taken this route and produced successful results.

But what we want to be known for, is excellence and innovation. We want to bring bold colours and interesting patterns to the world without compromising on the skills we hold.

And this is where successful collaboration provides the ability to go beyond what we are capable of individually. Bring two complimenting artists or designers together and you get the best of both worlds in one product.

One such product was a result of our collaboration with Tori Gray, the designer, and mastermind behind the popular Harbour Lane store in South Queensferry.

The result was a stunning set of backpacks, exclusively sold through Harbour Lane. We felt it a huge success, and apparently, so did everyone else. All the bags were sold out in under 2 hours through the Harbour Lane website.

In a way it is almost unfortunate that they never made it to the shop floor.

We look forward to future collaboration with Tori, and hope to create even more beautiful products that people will enjoy as much as they appear to have enjoyed this first batch.

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