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Lemurs in a Rainforest

There are few things that give a person a jolt of dopamine like making something from nothing.

The story goes that our very generous neighbors were remodeling their house and didn't want to see any of their old furniture go to waste. They offered us a cabinet which had been standing in their lounge for years.

Initially, Mr Rissie came home and showed me a picture of the cabinet and I was a bit unsure. I didn’t like it much, but it was free and we really needed the storage space. We accepted the offer, and rather than the thinking of the compromise we were making we thought of it as an opportunity to be creative.

Our first upcycling attempt of our cabinet went up in flames. I bought a neutral-ish colour trying to appease both the engineer (Mr Rissie) and the architect (Mrs Rissie). But alas it just didn’t work. After a second trip to the hardware store for some paint and a wildly elaborate ebay purchase for some colourful lemur wallpaper my ideas were running away with me again. It felt GOOOOOOD.

We started painting the cabinet on a Thursday evening and finished first and second coats. We were so excited with our progress we just couldn’t stop. You know how sometimes you start a project and it just drags on for months before you get in finished? Well, this was not one of those times. Friday, after the kids were in bed, we proceeded to reattach the slightly elaborate handles and started with the wallpaper.

I’m not going to lie to you - I was quite hesitant specifically about the quirky wallpaper, but once I had made the decision I realised the psychological rewards this all or nothing approach has. It feels good taking these tiny risks.

We ended up with a funktastic blue cabinet up-cycled from granny to fashionista with crazy lemurs in a rain forest background. Who said quirky couldn’t be chic as well?!

If your creativity doesn’t excite you and give you and make you nervous jiggly feeling in your tummy you probably need to think bigger.

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