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My New Wardrobe

On the first of March 2020 I decided that I had simply had enough of my wardrobe. I was standing in front of my cupboard and really just felt so uninspired. There was not a single item in there that said what I wanted to say that day. Seeing as I work from home and spend my days between school drop offs, the post office, my sewing machine and the odd playdate for my kids my standards were not very high. But still - nada.

I was transported back to a time that I felt like a million dollars.

I recalled childhood memories of wearing the jumper my gran had made me while we were making pancakes for breakfast in the school holidays. I remembered how perfectly normal it was to show my mom my very amateurish 8 year old sketches and her bringing it to life in fabric. In my mind I was once again wearing my white Christmas dress that my gran made me everywhere for a week. I remember as a 16 year old wanting to go to all the school dances so that I could sew with my mom on weekends and dream up new creations. I was untouchable.

I decided that for one whole year I would not buy a single piece of new clothing, with the hopes that I can challenge myself to reinvent my wardrobe myself.

On the first day my favourite jeans tore. I was already regretting my decision. Following the jeans incident I have been quite scared to mention this to other people. I’ve been afraid of failing and also afraid to be accountable to someone else.

Through all these emotions my daughter had her 4th birthday coming up and I wanted to get her a spectacular dress, to match her spectacular personality. I simply made her a dress and it felt fantastic. It was the end of all fears.

I have since found other people on the same journey which has greatly inspired me. I would like to invite you to follow my journey through this year. I’ll be sharing some of my creations with you on my blog and newsletter and if you wish to follow my progress you are welcome to sign up.

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