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3 Years - Lessons learnt

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

In October, Rissie celebrated its 3rd year of being registered as a limited company. What started as a spontaneous decision and flurry of activity late one night has grown into a small business with big aspirations.

At times it is easy to get caught up in the situation and lose sight of the progress. For our 3rd birthday, we decided to examine our journey and further define our goals.

Rissie has gone from the exhilarating highs such as selling its first bag under the Rissie banner, to the lows of seeing a near zero income month, then launching back into a near record sales month shortly thereafter. We have learned in these circumstances to turn bad situations into opportunities.

While finding our feet in the first two years, we followed all manner of advice and tried to get exposure through markets, coffee shops, Twitter, and a number of other platforms that were not aligned with what we wanted to become.

But over the past year our vision has been defined and our goals have been set out with clear milestones, and systems to measure our progress being instituted. This clear focus has provided a renewed determination and step change in the pace of the developing business. As Rissie continues to grow as a recognisable brand in Edinburgh and beyond, this renewed vision has been invaluable to establish Rissie's image and instantly recognisable features.

Part of this has meant cutting off the areas that were unfruitful and focusing on the areas that aligned with the vision of the business, and focusing our efforts on the avenues that most aligned with our vision for growth. Hard decisions like pulling stock from certain platforms, which risks exposure but frees up time and energy, allows us to produce high quality service for the most fruitful areas of the business.

Rissie is about colour and vibrancy. But it is also about quality, integrity, and providing an honest service for a desirable product. To achieve this, our vision has been refined and focused on what is good, and what is growing.

Our greatest lessons from these past 3 years have led us to define our goals for the next year. What you can expect is to see further growth, new product development, and expanding influence within our niche.

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